Are you feeling anxious about results day?

Results day is, for many of you, the first time you’ll have ever had to experience picking up formal results. We know, from experience, that it can feel like the scariest time of your life and you can feel anxious about results day.

But do not fear! Interserve is here! And having all been through this difficult time, we have drawn up a list of top tips that will not only debunk all those horror stories you may have heard about your results, but also to ensure that your day runs as smoothly as possible:

  1. The night before results day – In order to minimise the amount of pressure you’ll be under on the actual day, preparation is key. Turn off social media (yes, you read that correctly), you don’t want to read countless messages from friends frantically worrying about their results or worse, well-meaning advice from relatives which only heaps more pressure on you. Turn off your notifications and messages and have some stress free alone time. Sleep is essential to ensuring a calm results day, if you’ve had a good night’s rest, you will feel a lot calmer on the morning of your results. So put on your favourite episode of Game of Thrones, grab a hot chocolate and hit the hay.
  2. Don’t Panic! – A lot of students will drive themselves crazy trying to predict their grades, or worrying about failing. Do not do either. From experience, we can tell you, it truly is not worth trying to guess your grades, there is nothing you can do to change them and fretting will only make it worse. When it comes to panicking at the thought of failing, don’t! Some of the most successful people on the planet such as Simon Cowell and Sir Alan Sugar, didn’t do amazingly in their exams, but look at them now! There are always options out there for you.
  3. Look at ALL your options – Did you know you could do a traineeship or an apprenticeship straight after doing your GCSEs or A-Levels? You have the chance to be trained by an expert in your chosen profession, and in an apprenticeship, you would get paid too! So don’t think that the grades on your results sheet determine your future, because there is a world of opportunity out there waiting for you, don’t be afraid to swim against the tide!
  4. Experience – Nowadays, employers are just as interested in the experience a candidate has as the qualifications they have gained. With an apprenticeship or a traineeship you could gain accredited qualifications, experience and get paid!
  5. Be positive – You are going to achieve your goals no matter what’s in the envelope. Stay positive and don’t be drawn into the negativity which some people seem to revel in.  Ignore the tears and nervous tantrums of your fellow students and focus on yourself. This is about you. It’s your future.

If you’ve learnt anything from reading this, I hope it is that there is no need to worry about the grades you will achieve, as whatever the outcome, there are ALWAYS options out there for you. Remember, life isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon.

Good Luck!
The Interserve Team

P.S – if you would like to talk to us about an apprenticeship then why not take a look at our apprentices section