National accountancy firm Roslyn’s Accountants has taken on six young apprentices in business administration roles at its Sheffield head office, supported by training providers Interserve Learning & Employment. Operating across the country, Roslyn’s specialises in providing accounting services to the hospitality industry, including pubs, restaurants and golf clubs.

Interserve Learning & Employment. has been working with Roslyn’s for ten years, supporting their business growth with recruitment and training leading to recognised vocational qualifications. Victoria Douglas is Interserve Learning & Employment.’s local Apprenticeship Coordinator and she has been working closely with Roslyn’s Senior Assessor Lloyd Sims to ensure they are able to meet their current and future recruitment needs. Lloyd, who himself started as an apprentice at Roslyn’s ten years ago, is responsible for managing this current batch of apprentices.

Roslyn’s knows that its apprentices are a net gain for the business and now chooses to employ them over graduates for many positions. This preference is part of a wider national trend where employers are increasingly giving ‘graduate’ jobs to younger apprentices who haven’t been to university.

It also corroborates key messages in George Osborne’s autumn statement last year, stating that Apprenticeships are to play a huge part in the UK’s long-term recovery. With the rising costs of going to university set against the increasing Government investment in Apprenticeships, it is also likely that more school leavers will consider opting out of college in favour of getting paid to learn on an Apprenticeship scheme.

Beyond these headlines, Roslyn’s reasons for preferring apprentices are simple:

graduates come to us with preconceived ideas and ways of doing things, they can be difficult to teach and stuck in their ways, whereas we can shape apprentices to our needs, they are committed and have the drive to do well says Lloyd.

This supports the belief that employing apprentices has a positive impact on a company’s balance sheet, saving money for the company in terms of time and resources saved in training staff.

Roslyn’s apprentices benefit from training on the job, whilst feeling like they are contributing to the organisation’s wider success. Business administration apprentice Jodie explains:

It’s great being an apprentice because you get to have responsibility and to use your initiative. The job has had a big impact on my life with the experience it gives me, like working with colleagues, being part of the company and helping it expand.

Her colleague Katy also chose to do an Apprenticeship over college:

With an Apprenticeship you get the qualification as well as the work experience. Now I’ve nearly finished my training and I want to go further in my role.

These apprentices are helping Roslyn’s Accountants grow; they are part of an important national trend towards Apprenticeships instead of going to college or university which is set to fuel the UK’s economic recovery. For young people considering their career options there is a wealth of resources online and for employers looking to recruit, specialist training providers such as Interserve Learning & Employment. can provide advice and support. For further information call 0333 444 4304.

Photo description: Apprentices at Roslyn’s with Manager Liam and Interserve Learning & Employment Apprenticership Coordinator Victoria.

L to R: Jodie Fowkes, Paige Sykes, Natalie Jackson, Lloyd Sims, Victoria Douglas, Lewis Jarvis, Katy Lavender, Neesa Khan.