What are Functional Skills?

You’ll achieve a Functional Skills qualification as part of your apprenticeship; an important accreditation which is gaining widespread recognition across both small and large employers.The course will develop and ultimately demonstrate your ability to use English, maths and computer technology in useful and practical ways that meet the needs of everyday life.These skills are seen as essential by employers and by holding this qualification, you are showing you have the ability to apply them in work situations.

Why do I need the qualification?

Functional Skills has been developed to address concerns that young people don’t have the basic knowledge to cope in the world of work. Since its introduction, it has made a positive impact on achievement rates and the course will allow you to operate independently, effectively and confidently, not just in your job, but in life generally.

Here to help

At Interserve, we believe you accomplish more with a little expert support and guidance. Our friendly, approachable tutors are on hand to help you complete the Functional Skills modules. They understand the challenges you face and will use personalised resources to measure your progress regularly, enabling you to reach your development targets. We deliver the qualification in five levels to suit all abilities and provide one-to-one support at a time and place that meets your needs. (Small group support is available if preferred.)

Find out more

To learn more about the Functional Skills qualification, email or contact us on 0333 444 5055.