HR Consultant / Partner

HR Consultant / Partner Level 5

HR teams and departments support every workplace and employer to succeed by helping employees to be the best they can be. Every HR employee works closely with the best assets of their business, (their people) to recruit, train, develop and support the successful growth of the business. We have created the HR Consultant Level 5 apprenticeship programme to deepen your knowledge, understanding and expertise across HR with new skills with specialisms.

HR Consultant / Partner


24 Months


About the programme

Through the apprenticeship we’ll help you refine your knowledge of HR and master new skills to enable you to be a successful HR professional. Our programme has been designed to give you the very best experience and up to date industry knowledge to support your career development and make a positive lasting impact.

We have over 34 years’ experience of apprenticeship training so you can be confident that you’ll gain the right level of knowledge, skills and behaviours to successfully achieve the apprenticeship and at the same time make sure you’re on the right path to succeed in your career and further development.

Is the apprenticeship for you?

If you’re an experienced HR practitioner, the HR Consultant Level 5 programme provides an in depth learning experience that helps you to broaden and deepen your understanding of HR. Our programme allows you to enhance your knowledge and experiences with new HR skills and to help you become a future HR leader. At the end of the apprenticeship, you’ll be better equipped to deal with complex and specialist problems and have the skills to create and deliver HR solutions. The programme will support you to expand your HR skills, take on more responsibility in people management and broaden your HR knowledge.

Ideally you will work in HR so that you have the opportunity to learn and work on real business scenarios to bring about positive change.

What you’ll learn

We’ll gradually build your knowledge and help you to develop a range of skills so that you’re able to manage day-to-day HR processes and issues better. You’ll master new skills and become a successful and expert HR professional able to support the business you work in with solutions that overcome business challenges. As we carefully sequence and layer the knowledge of the apprenticeship, we’ll help you to develop more advanced and sophisticated skills for the HR industry. This will enable you to take on more responsibility in people management and broaden your HR knowledge. Learning topics covered during the apprenticeship include:

  • HR function
  • Developing professional practice
  • Resourcing and talent planning
  • Contributing to business change
  • Employment law

We’ll tailor the programme to your needs so that the learning experiences you gain support you today and in your future career. The programme will help you to develop broader and softer skills such as communication and confidence so that you can effectively apply what you’ve learnt back into the workplace. So whether you’re looking to develop better people practices or launch business-wide initiatives, you’ll be well equipped to take on any new challenge.

As well as completing your apprenticeship, you’ll also gain a professional industry-recognised qualification with the CIPD Level 5 Certificate in HR Management.

If you don’t have Level 2 English and Maths, you’ll need to achieve this prior to taking the end point assessment. We have a specialist team and experts in place to help and guide you through this if it is required.

    How you’ll learn

    Through our blended learning programme including workshops, research projects and 1-2-1 support, you’ll benefit from a high quality and rich learning experience to help you achieve the apprenticeship. Our expert HR staff will train, help and guide you through the programme every step of the way so that you’re ready and prepared for the end point assessment.

    You’ll have access to expert trainers who are able to share real life and hypothetical HR scenarios. They will ensure that your new skills and knowledge are put into practice.

    We deliver the 24 month apprenticeship on a flexible basis throughout the year as either:

    • Open cohorts scheduled regularly and available online 
    • Closed employer specific cohorts 

    During the apprenticeship you’ll be able to record and track your own learning progress using the OneFile e-portfolio. This tool not only supports you through the programme, but provides a way to evidence your journey. OneFile is an industry leading and award winning online service which can be accessed 24/7 anywhere and through any device.

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