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Apprenticeship recognition: Public sector to invest in 200,000 more apprentices before 2020

Speaking at The de Ferrens Academy in Burton-on-Trent, a secondary school with academy status, prime minister David Cameron reiterated today the government’s 2020 vision for Apprenticeships. He pledged to train 200,000 more apprentices within council departments such as local government, the NHS and the police over the next five years with all departments to commit 2.3% of their workforce to Apprenticeships. This pledge, he explains, comes to provide security to school leavers and make possible the previously promised national target of 3 million more trained apprentices before 2020.

“Top employers have even said that their Apprenticeship entrants are just as good, if not better, than their graduate intake. So that’s why we’ve expanded the numbers, and we’re making good on our commitment to reach 3 million apprentices trained in this parliament by 2020. It’s why we’ve got more companies involved, from fashion design to law, aerospace, many more. It’s why we’ve set higher standards, making sure each Apprenticeship lasts at least a year, and it’s why we’ve introduced higher-level Apprenticeships and Apprenticeships which contain a full degree.” David Cameron, Prime Minister

Read the full vision as released by HM Government here.