This Guidance is to support Organisations with their Apprenticeship Service Account. It includes information on the initial set up and the management around the account.


Initial Registering

This section provides detail on how to register online for your Apprenticeship Service Account.

What you will need (requirements);

  • Your Organisations Companies House or Charity number
  • Your Government Gateway Login for your PAYE schemes
  • Interserve’s UKPRN number -10034309


  • Please use the following link – https://manage-apprenticeships.service.gov.uk/
  • Click on ‘Start’
  • It will ask if you have used this system previously – please select the appropriate answer
  • It will remind you of the requirements needed to access your account
  • Further fields will then appear to set up as a user on behalf of the organisation

Adding Interserve as the Training Provider

You will then need to add Interserve as the Training Provider.

Step 1:

  • Click on ‘Find Training Section’ and you will then need to search for Training Provider
  • Search via our UKPRN of 10034309 and then click on ‘Find Provider’
  • Details will then be returned to confirm Interserve as your preferred Training Provider

You will then need to add apprentices.

Step 2:

  • If you would prefer us to bulk upload your apprentices details, you’ll need to give us permission to do so (when you add us as your preferred provider) OR
  • You can add your own apprentices

Adding apprentices

Step 1:

Select apprentices

Step 2:

Select ‘add an apprentice’

Step 3:

Before you start to add Apprentices you will be informed of the information required

Step 4:

Select the organisation that is named on the contract with Interserve for the apprentices you would like to add

Step 5:

Please type in Interserve’s UKPRN of 10034309

Step 6:

Interserve’s details should then appear if UKPRN has been entered correctly

Step 7:

As stated previously in this guidance, this is the section where you can start adding apprentice details or can request the Training Provider to do so.

Step 8:

The New Request cohort screen will then be visible (if Training Provider is adding all apprentice details using the bulk uploading process, you can move straight to step 10)

Step 9:

Please select to add an apprentice: you will then need to provide as many apprentice detail fields (the First Name and Last Name fields are mandatory). Once complete please click ‘add’ at the bottom of the page.

Step 10:

Once all apprentices are added, please select ‘Save and Continue’. You will then be provided with options to submit.

Step 11:

If you wish you can leave a message for the Training Provider when submitting the cohort.

Step 12:

You will then see a notification screen to show submission. This will then notify the Training Provider to review and approve.


Amendments made by the Training Provider

If amendments are made by the Training Provider whilst the cohort is being reviewed then further approval is required by the organisation. An email notification will be received from the Digital Apprenticeship Service informing the organisation that there is a requested change. This will need to be reviewed and approved by the organisation and submitted back to the Training Provider.

Training Provider Contact Details

For any queries regarding the AS account, please don’t hesitate to contact the below.


0114 2519210 x178