Snapshot of Blok N Mesh Apprenticeship Journey

Blok N Mesh is the UK’s leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of Temporary Fencing, Site Hoarding, Barriers and Traffic Management Systems on a hire or purchase basis. With manufacturing and distribution facilities in Knowsley, further enhanced by our 18 nationwide depots, we offer a true nationwide service with local support, bolstered by excellent stocks and rapid delivery, find your nearest depot! Find out about the Blok N Mesh Apprenticeship Journey below.

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The Employer

Blok N Mesh UK Limited, is the United Kingdom’s premier manufacturer, supplier and installer of temporary fencing and hoarding products, and is part of the Crownlea Group.

Having heard about apprenticeships and the many benefits that they bring, Steven Roberts felt that this would be a fantastic way of beginning his career. Having not enjoyed the pressure of school, Steven enquired about the various apprenticeship pathways available to him. Steven got in touch with Interserve Learning & Employment’s (ILE) Liverpool team, who supported Steven throughout the apprenticeship application process.

Feeling confident in applying to various apprenticeships, Steven secured an apprenticeship with Block N Mesh UK, at their manufacturing base. Regional Employment Engagement Manager, Jules Westbrook, taught Steven how to act and present himself in an interview, she taught him techniques that, he claims, he ‘wouldn’t have done so well without’. He found the service at ILE to be of a high standard, with ‘excellent people’, who helped him along his path to an apprenticeship.

Steven chose to undertake the apprenticeship because he found that it was an excellent way to ‘start at the bottom and work your way up’, allowing space for career progression. Where many people may be put off working life, he found it to be a more ‘relaxed’ environment than school, as he manages to still be able to make time to see his friends and maintain a lively social life.

The Apprentice

The idea that Steven could, at such a young age, be earning a good wage whilst gaining a highly recognized NVQ qualification has been the ‘best opportunity’ he has come across. Being an apprentice has made Steven more aware of the working environment and allowed him skills to put on his CV, as well as an understanding of the behaviour that is required of him in the work place. These qualities will benefit him in the future, whether he decides to stay at Block N Mesh or if he decides to move elsewhere.

Steven would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone, as it allows the ‘possibility of a job in whatever sector you want to be in’. Along with his professional qualification, the apprenticeship has allowed Steven to gain a sense of independence financially and he enjoys having to take responsibility for his time management and organisational skills.

Steven credits the ‘dedication and the support of the training assessor’, who comes to visit on a monthly basis. Steven mentioned how the training assessor goes above and beyond to ensure that he fully understands what he is working on before she leaves, a service ‘you wouldn’t get with other agencies’. The assessor ‘motivates’ him and ‘make sure all the work is done’ to a high standard, if not she will provide constructive advice on how he could improve the piece to ensure he achieves full marks.

At Interserve Learning & Employment we’re able to give help and advice to all clients, particularly those who are taking on an apprentice for the first time. We pride ourselves on evaluating each applicant sufficiently. This helps to match the right candidate to the right role. Our specialist Trainer Assessors can ensure both the client and learner are happy throughout the process. Contact us today to speak to one of our dedicated team and we can help you to find your perfect match.