Coventry man David Fuller, 28, first came to Interserve Learning & Employment. at the beginning of August. He had spent most of his adult life unemployed and had struggled to convince employers to give him a chance. He’s now in work thanks to back to work experts sencia. (a delivery partner of Interserve Learning & Employment.).

Having been in and out of foster homes since he was a child and out of work for such a long time, David lacked confidence and self-esteem. Case Manager, Teresa O’Brian began working with him straightaway, and with her support and guidance he opened up and his self-belief began to grow.

Teresa said: “As I spent more time with David I learned that he had spent many years caring for his grandmother. This was something he enjoyed and was good at, so we started to look at opportunities for him in the care industry.”

He was given assistance in completing application forms, interview techniques and preparation and successfully applied and secured his first interview in years. Employer Relations Manager Steve French gave him some money for a new shirt and even lent him a tie and he did everyone proud by scoring highly on both numerical and verbal reasoning in his interview.

Adele Holloway, Contract Director at Interserve Learning & Employment. said: “Delivering the Work Programme across the West Midlands is a huge responsibility, as moving from benefits into work really can transform people’s lives.”

The employer, Home Care Support, was so impressed they offered David the job on the spot and his first day is later this month once all his CRB checks are through.

David commented: “My life has transformed overnight, and I have something to look forward to. I’m in a much better position now to look for private housing – and it’s one of the first things I’ll do!”

Adele added: “The aim of Interserve Learning & Employment. and its sub-contractor partners, like sencia., has always been to help people to find sustainable employment, and the Work Programme is completely focussed on helping people to move into jobs that last. We are delighted to have the opportunity to not only help people into work, but also to support them for up to two years after they start work.”