Do not: attach the files directly to your email. Follow the simple instructions below

How to use the HTML file as the message in your email:


  1. Save the file somewhere useful, easily remembered and accessible
  2. Open Outlook and create a new email and delete all content in the email, including your signature, the template handles all of this already
  3. Click on ‘Attach file’ (or the paperclip icon)
  4. Navigate to where you saved the file and click on it just once to select the file
  5. Find the small black down-arrow next to the Insert button, click it once to open a small drop-down menu and click option two: ‘Select as Text’. This now inserts the file as the message in your email
  6. In the Address field, at the top, if you’re sending an email to more than one recipient then it is better to add all addresses into the ‘BCC’ box rather than the ‘To’ box. This keeps recipient details private
  7. Choose a suitable subject line
  8. Send it!

Download your business eCard below: