Matthew Frost – A day in the life of an Operations Departmental Level 5 Apprentice

Managing the ‘Front of House’ services for Interserve at the BBC, every day presents new challenges and opportunities to develop new skills and gain experience. Matthew Frost, Workplace Manager shares his experience about his apprenticeship journey so far. So pull yourself a chair, make a cuppa and enjoy!

“With the responsibility of ‘processing’ all BBC staff and visitors safely and securely through to their workplace there are many facets of security and safety that need to be considered in my daily routine. At the BBC you can imagine how many interesting people come through our doors. We need to treat everyone with respect while also being prepared for them to become aggressive. Dealing with them quietly and appropriately can be fun when all they want to do is express themselves verbally and sometimes physically.

Attention to detail is important to understand the client/customer’s expectation. Building and maintaining that relationship is essential and can only be achieved by good communication. In the current climate, making efficiency cuts in manpower with the same output is a challenge. Having reduced my team’s headcount alongside my increased workload has made it crucial for me to manage my time better. This includes managing customers and colleagues expectations and on some occasions, dare I say it, my line manager! Being strict with myself to prioritise correctly without bias towards my favourite tasks has helped to be more in control of my time and workload.

Sourcing the best team members and investing in them has been my favourite part of the job. Almost like a football manager always wanting to improve the team whenever an opportunity arises. A manager once questioned my turnover when it seemed quite high. I explained that 90% of my turnover were promoted from within the account. It was a good feeling. The receptionist role is the best place to start within any company, as you can see how the building ‘breathes’. You see who comes in, who goes out. Who the important people are, not the people who have names on the doors, but the influencers who work just below them who tend to be the people who make things happen.

The Operations Departmental Manager Apprenticeship has helped me to review my current skills and practices and adopt new ones into my daily routine. I was initially sceptical as I hadn’t been the best student at school. The positive impact of the apprenticeship has been instant and I would recommend it to any manager who needs reassurance that they’re on the right track.”

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