Interserve Learning & Employment is a place where people can make their mark, have a voice and thrive; a company that truly makes a difference and continues to redefine the future for people and places across the UK. Deion Cartwright’s progression story highlights the vast amount of opportunity that is available at Interserve.

Deion Cartwright was referred to our Warrington LIFEGOALS team from Jobcentre Plus. Deion missed most of his final year of secondary school after undergoing emergency open heart surgery. He suffered from severe headaches and memory loss as a result of his operation.

Deion spent 12 weeks with the LIFEGOALS team, building his confidence and studying the CALM (Coping and Life Management) modules in communication, resilience and dealing with conflict. After an enjoyable few months, he was successful in the position he applied for and joined the Interserve team in Warrington, March 2017.

Sharing his journey, Deion said that: “After a year of unemployment I was desperate to find a job. I was referred to LIFEGOALS by Jobcentre Plus, who gave a glowing recommendation of Interserve and its courses. The LIFEGOALS team then gave me the motivation I needed to get out of the house and do more with my time.

During the time I spent with the LIFEGOALS team my confidence improved massively, especially how comfortable I feel with public speaking and interviews. The CALM modules the team teach were a big part of why I chose to attend as they cover important life topics that aren’t usually considered by educators. After meeting the team I knew I wanted to work with them. Towards the end of the course I applied for an apprenticeship at Interserve and, after an interview and a work trial, I was hired as a Business Administration Apprentice! Since then I have been given a number of opportunities to learn more and improve myself. I am hoping to progress as an Interserve employee, preferably in an IT based role in the future.

My main concern before joining was that it would feel too much like school, so I was happy to see a more casual approach to learning. The lessons were a lot more open and we were given plenty of opportunities for discussion instead of reading from textbooks and memorising facts, leading to a much more engaging and educational classroom than I had experienced previously. I really liked that the staff managed to give their time to each individual, making sure everyone had advice that was suited to their needs, making them feel valued. Overall it was an extremely helpful and fun experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling to find work or who isn’t sure what they want to do in life.”

Performance Manager, Pete Harrington added: “Deion’s creative flair and enthusiasm has refreshed the way we present our LIFEGOALS provision to learners and stakeholders alike. Having completed the LIFEGOALS journey himself, Deion is ideally suited to motivate and encourage other learners to realise their own goals and he exemplifies the kind of success that LIFEGOALS is all about!”

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