We’ve helped two Sheffield youngsters to take their first steps into exciting new careers through securing them ITQ Apprenticeships with bufferr – a local up-and-coming social media firm. It’s a win-win situation as bufferr have found two enthusiastic young minds in Brendan, 18, and Sam, 17, who are eager to learn new skills, and all without any recruitment costs thanks to our free service.

Co-founded by Jon Covey and Sarah Marks earlier this year, bufferr is already doing well and we hope as they continue to grow they will take on more of our learners. This shows the dedication of our Employer Engagement Officer in the region, Marianne Watson, who worked hard to persuade Jon and Sarah of the benefits of taking on apprentices.

Jon said: “Like most I was skeptical about apprenticeships, how much time would they absorb, would they be committed and were they capable of doing what I need. After dealing with apprenticeships for over two years now I can only recommend how powerful they can be for any business, they are a real asset.”

Sarah added: “I cannot recommend Interserve Learning & Employment highly enough and I go out of my way to sing their praises to all the businesses I come into contact with.”

Brendan and Sam were signed up to Interserve Learning & Employment at the start of July and this quick turnaround shows how well our learner and employer teams work together. Brendan had a prior interest in IT and wanted a different and more affordable option to university while Sam had struggled on a course in college and wanted to begin work-based learning in order to get a qualification.

With the popularity of social media entering the stratosphere and more and more companies seeing its value and using it to engage with customers or raise awareness, the number of businesses that specialise in this new industry is growing. It’s important that we keep up with new trends to stay ahead of our competition and find exciting new opportunities for those school leavers.