Barbering Level 3

As the biggest training provider of barbering apprenticeship programmes in England and the first independent training provider in the UK to be certified in the Wahl Men’s Method you can be confident that we have the skills and expertise to support your apprentices.

This apprenticeship is ideal for those already working within the industry but wanting to advance their barbering skills through a 12 month shop-floor based training programme delivered by our Wahl endorsed development specialists. We’ll inspire and train your apprentices to be confident and skilled with the latest cutting edge techniques, treatments and equipment.


12 Months



About the programme

This is a 12 month programme that can be started at any time in the year and is delivered within the salon or barber shop. This means learning is always relevant to you and the day to day tasks of your apprentice whilst also reducing time away from the salon.

The programme includes a number of required/mandatory learning units as well as a range of optional learning units so that the training can be tailored to individual apprentices.

Through the apprenticeship our expert Trainers help keep your apprentices on point with the latest styling, cutting and shaving trends.

You will immediately see first-hand the benefits of the apprenticeship through the latest industry knowledge and techniques being taught alongside product sales skills to enhance the overall experience for your customers.

Apprentices who learn with us benefit from:

  • An expert and dedicated hair specialist Trainer providing ongoing training, guidance and support with face to face sessions every 3 weeks. All of our Trainers have relevant industry experience and insight that will be shared throughout the apprenticeship
  • The gradual build-up of kit as they progress through key stages of the apprenticeship, such as blockhead units, hairbrushes or clippers
  • Learning that is relevant and job-specific to their day-to-day tasks
  • Workplace training and practical assessments
  • E-books and online resources including worksheets and videos to enable independent and flexible learning enhancements
  • Remote support as and when the apprentices need assistance
  • Progress reviews
  • Industry leading insight from Chris Foster and Simon Shaw from Wahl
  • An e-portfolio, OneFile, to record all learning activities. OneFile is an industry leading and award winning online service which can be accessed 24/7 anywhere and through any device
  • Support from English/maths specialists if required

What will apprentices learn?

The learning in this apprenticeship focuses on advanced barber skills. Topics include:

Required learning

  • Creatively cut hair using a combination of barbering techniques
  • Design and create a range of facial hair shapes
  • Shaving services
  • Client consultation

Optional learning

  • Design and create patterns in hair
  • Relaxing Services (massage techniques)
  • Salon Reception
  • Financial effectiveness
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of promotions

Specialist skills choices

  • Perm and Neutralise Hair
  • Specialist Hair and Scalp Techniques
  • Colour Correction
  • Creative Hairdressing
  • Colour and lighten men’s hair

Apprentices also learn the fundamental behaviours required to work professionally and safely in the industry including: safe ways of working, professionalism in the workplace and communication and values. 

Is the apprenticeship suitable for your business?

This apprenticeship is ideal for anyone with a Barbering Level 2 qualification or industry experience as it provides an excellent route way to upgrade and develop barbering skills.

This is a 12 month blended learning programme delivered in the workplace by our team of passionate industry experienced and expert Trainers. Our Trainers are trained by Wahl’s Artistic Directors so provide your apprentices with the very best learning and the latest industry techniques.

We can start training your apprentices at any time through the year as we have no fixed start dates.

The flexibility in our delivery model, the expertise our Trainers can share and the quality of the learning experience your apprentices will receive, means you can be confident and reassured that the programme is right for you and your staff.

Throughout the programme we’ll also regularly meet you and your apprentice to ensure an understanding of progress being made, reporting on development as well as monitoring against the requirements of the programme, including meeting the 20% off the job.


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