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Trade Supplier Level 2

Trade Supplier apprentices play a vital role in ensuring an efficient sales of goods and services between trade businesses and their professional skilled customers, with options to work across a variety of sectors including electrical, plumbing, joinery.

The Trade Supplier apprenticeship programme has been specifically created for business 2 business transactions or merchant businesses, providing apprentices with the technical know-how and product knowledge to succeed in their role.

We’ve teamed up with some of leading brands and market leaders to design a high quality programme, supporting individuals to be experts in their role dealing confidently and accurately with customers on a daily basis. This means your staff will get the best possible support and learning experience.

Trade Supplier


12 Months


Interserve are consistently the very best apprenticeship training provider I’ve worked with in terms of responsiveness, proactivity, creativity, consistency and tenacity with the learners, reporting and organisation, so thank you back!

Claire Jones


About the programme

We deliver a 12 month teaching and learning programme* that is job-focused and ideal for both new recruits to become strong and successful trade suppliers or as a training option for those already working within a trade environment to enhance and advance their skills.

The programme, developed with market leaders such as Screwfix and the Grafton Group (specifically Buildbase), uniquely combines training in both the warehouse and the trade counter together with a strong focus on identifying and managing customer needs. This means apprentices gain a wide range of skills and knowledge from which to progress within the industry.

Apprentices benefit from:

  • An expert and dedicated trade sector specialist Trainer providing ongoing training, guidance and support with regular face to face sessions
  • Workplace and face to face training activities including individual sessions
  • Off the job training tasks including supplier site visits and trade conferences
  • Remote support as and when the apprentices need assistance
  • 24/7 access to a range of online learning modules, materials and resources
  • Progress reviews, including a pre-gateway and final gateway review before end point assessment
  • An e-portfolio, OneFile to record all learning activities. OneFile is an industry leading and award winning online service which can be accessed 24/7 anywhere and through any device
  • End point assessment preparation and support ensuring your apprentices are ready to progress
  • Support from English/maths specialists if required

* Independent end point assessment could take an additional 12 weeks after the teaching and learning finishes

    What will apprentices learn?

    The programme will train apprentices to confidently deal with customers, manage their requests and enquiries providing the products and services they need. Whether this is through sales, purchasing, logistics or administrative processes and functions.

    During the programme we’ll cover a range of topics to develop these skills and prepare apprentices for end point assessment including:

    • Overview of the UK’s trade and Merchanting sector and your organisation’s role within it
    • Recognising the products, services and language used by your customers and the technical application of those product and services
    • Sales techniques, effective listening and understanding, telesales and face to face sales, merchandising and data protection
    • Customer Processes including repairs, returns, replacements and refunds
    • Relationship management with internal and external customers, understanding customer needs, customer satisfaction and business performance
    • Health & Safety and Security including the sales of restricted goods and safe storage of goods
    • Taking orders and managing deliveries
    • Use of technology and systems training

    We’ll equip apprentices with the skills and technical knowledge of the products offered by your trade business together with the communication skills to confidently manage customer sales at the trade counter and over the telephone.

    Apprentices without Level 1 English and Maths must achieve this and take the test for Level 2 before taking the end-point assessment. Our team of specialist English and Maths Tutors can support the apprentice to achieve these requirements.

    Is the apprenticeship suitable for your business?

    The programme has been designed by our trade sector experts and specialist team alongside leading industry employers who truly understand the sector.

    We’ve got the expertise to tailor the programme to your needs, so with your support we can revise and flex the curriculum to focus on your key products and services. Together we can create material that is truly relevant to you, for individual branches, or even regions where you operate in support of any additional sales and business growth strategies you may have.

    This apprenticeship is an ideal programme if you’re looking to support new recruits into your business and ensure the fundamental knowledge of the trade sector is firmly embedded. The programme works just as well for those in their early stages of a career in the Merchanting industry or even for those looking to develop new skills ready for their next career development opportunity.

    The programme also provides apprentices with an ideal progression route into specialised, supervisory and management roles and qualifications within a trade business. So individuals will be better prepared for the future and equipped to support your business today and tomorrow.

    The apprenticeship is delivered throughout the year with no fixed start dates so we are able to meet employer and apprentice needs.

    The flexibility in our delivery model, the expertise we can share and the quality of the learning experience your apprentices will receive, means you can be confident that the programme is right for you and your staff.

    Throughout the programme we’ll also regularly meet you and your apprentice to ensure an understanding of progress being made, reporting on development as well as monitoring against the requirements of the programme, including meeting the 20% off the job.

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