Yorkshire based IT provider, Techmonkeys Ltd, prides itself on offering its customers with experienced support and solutions coupled with great personal relationships. So it was with some amount of nervousness that they set about recruiting what they hoped would be the perfect first employee to join their team.

Established 18 months ago, Techmonkeys have quickly built a good reputation in delivering end-to-end IT management, and were at the point when they needed to supplement their staff. By chance, David Smith, co-founder of the business, met with national training and employment provider, Interserve Learning & Employment. at a local networking meeting, where he was told about the benefits of recruiting an apprentice. Immediately seeing the advantages of taking on an apprentice, David tasked Interserve Learning & Employment. with finding him an ideal candidate.

Charles Ricketts, Employer Engagement Officer with Interserve Learning & Employment. spent time with the IT specialists, to understand the nature of their business and more importantly, the culture of the team. His aim was to find someone who not only had the aptitude, but would fit into the company, who saw itself as “an extension to our customers’ IT departments”.

David commented: “Being the first employee we needed to recruit, and being a small and therefore very busy company, the help that Interserve Learning & Employment. gave to us in terms of the recruitment side of things was as useful as the candidate has turned out to be! We didn’t really have time to create and place an advert, or to sift through the CVs. Charles at Interserve Learning & Employment. put forward eight excellent CVs and we selected four strong candidates as a result, all of which were on time for their interviews and dressed smartly – just as you would expect, but never-the-less, a great surprise to us! The communication and advice given to each interviewee beforehand must have been spot on”.

Apprentice James Bennett was the successful candidate and has now been with Techmonkeys for three months, already making quite an impact. As David continued: “Despite all four applicants being strong contenders for the post, James was the perfect fit for our company. Three months in and we can’t imagine what we’d do without him. The whole experience has been an easy one from start to finish and we wouldn’t hesitate employing an apprentice through Interserve Learning & Employment. again”.