As the Marketing & Communicationss Director for Interserve Learning & Employment (ILE), I’m blessed with having something of a chameleon role. When you hear the clichéd saying that ‘no two days are ever alike’ it’s easy to eye-roll and think, ‘come on, they must be’. But seriously, hold those eye-rolls, my job is never the same from one day to the next. And. I. Love. It.

One day I’m like the editor of a top magazine (the ILE monthly newsletter…. but I have a good imagination); the next I’m heading to the London HQ of a very attractive household brand, BT and the next I’m getting to grips with the role of an apprentice with nationwide merchanting group, Grafton, at a branch of Selco (it’s where the trade go). You get the picture. It’s different. But more importantly, it makes a difference.

Seven years with ILE

Each year, certainly for the last seven I’ve been with ILE, we have worked with around 14,000 apprentices. The sectors and job roles for those apprentices have been varied and are only set to become more so. Opportunities will increase for young and old as we extend our services to deliver to the household names I’ve mentioned above, plus others including DHL, United Response and Stagecoach group. In turn, my role and that of my team will reflect that diversity and be even more wide-ranging (we say wide-ranging, some say chaotic). And I repeat; I. Love. It. It keeps me on my toes. It keeps my skills sharp and up-to-date. It keeps me out of mischief (or not).  But mostly, it keeps me passionate about what we do.

I continue to see young people come into our centres, hear them ring up, see them submit a video resume, mostly a little startled and wide-eyed. Over the course of their time as an apprentice, I then see them develop. I witness their success and capture their good fortune in the form of PR. I also see people already in roles who take on an apprenticeship at a time when they probably thought they’d never take to learning again, but they do, and they thrive and they prosper. But don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at our ‘31 Days of Gratitude’ campaign and see for yourself just what some of our apprentices are telling us.

Join us

There are more roles becoming available at ILE as opportunities continue to open up from our new employer relationships. We are always on the hunt for good people; people who relish making this difference and redefining futures. We’d love to hear about what makes you tick, your ideal career, so please, do take a look at our current vacancies or simply drop us a line on the off-chance that we have the perfect chameleon role for you too! And you never know, you might be hired and inspired just like me.

Kim Pattison, Marketing & Comm’s Director, Interserve Learning & Employment