Employers and employees are set to benefit from a new HR Consultant/Partnership Apprenticeship Standard, delivered by two highly experienced national training organisations; DPG and Interserve Learning & Employment (ILE).

DPG is an HR and leadership management business with 25 years’ experience in delivering pioneering HR and leadership and management qualifications to over 30,000 HR, L&D and Leadership professionals. ILE is a Grade 2 Ofsted accredited training provider, with 25 years’ experience of successfully delivering to more than 14,000 apprentices per year.

The two companies provide career development opportunities to HR managers and professionals alike. They are able to upskill and maximise the funding available through large employer Apprenticeship Levy contributions.

The partnership means that apprentices will have their own Training Development Officer and the best industry facilitators throughout their entire apprenticeship journey. They’ll also have the option to join up and enjoy free 24/7 access to DPG’s award-winning online community of practice. This allows them to network and build expertise in HR and management with current practitioners and industry experts, without leaving their place of work.

Apprentices will learn through a combination of scenario training and real-life simulations. With DPG’s online resource and networking hub where they can stay up to date with the latest developments, get support from peers and read HR publications from some of DPG’s community experts. This can be personalised, dependent on the organisation and industry that they operate in.

Learners are able to benefit from the leading e-portfolio for apprentices, ‘OneFile’. OneFile also provides employers with the access and visibility at every stage of each apprentice’s journey.

The first cohorts start in London, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leeds in February, 2018.

Speaking of the partnership and the opportunity presented to both existing and aspiring HR practitioners, Head of Professional Apprenticeships at Interserve, Lisa Wilson said:

“Developing the skills of HR professionals has never been more important in an ever-changing work environment. Coming together with DPG has allowed us to offer this Apprenticeship Standard to bridge skills gaps for existing employees within HR teams or to provide skills for new employees looking to build a career in HR. This is a CIPD qualification delivered with a combined 50+ years’ experience and through what we believe to be a unique approach to apprenticeships.”

If you or somebody you know is looking for an apprenticeship in HR, call one of the team on 0333 444 8802 or email professional.apprenticeships@interserve.com.