One of our longest standing relationships in our Yorkshire operations is with the mighty Castleford Tigers, who, as thousands of their fans won’t let you forget, are currently top of the Super League.

What sets them apart from other Rugby League clubs is their enthusiasm and passion to involve the local community in various projects, with an emphasis on supporting the youth of Castleford. “The Fords” (Owners of the Club) are an integral part of the community with almost a third of the town’s population attending home games.

On Thursday, 13 July our entire employment sales team took advantage of Interserve’s commitment for everyone to ‘give a day of your time’ (GADOYT), volunteering for a worthwhile project. Spending a £500 grant previously secured from submitting an application to the Interserve Employee Foundation to carry out a much-needed project for the Tigers, the team donned their overalls and committed to support them in their next venture. However, what faced them when they arrived was a little bit daunting and the project manager (coincidentally a massive Cas fan) got some seriously dirty looks from his colleagues!

The project, which the pictures illustrate, involved two porta cabins that had previously been used as a creative outlet for local kids to practice their graffiti on externally and for storage purposes internally. Thankfully the cabins had been cleared out prior to the team’s arrival and been set up into comfortable classroom environments.

The ambition of our GADOYTers was to tackle the outside and to make the cabins look as fresh as possible and become a real feature at the Tigers’ ground. With huge excitement the sales guys opened up all the boxes and prised open the paint tins to find that the club had selected the colour BLACK.

However not to be put off by this, each and every volunteer rolled up their sleeves and started to prep, fix and then finally paint the cabins. Speaking of the reaction when the black paint was revealed, Head of Sales Colin Raymond said: “I think we were mainly disappointed because if we had orange paint we were going to suggest going for a tiger pattern but alas black was all we had.

“With some clever use of Tiger branding the job was done, I hope you agree that the outcome was pretty good.”

But let’s not forget the reason for doing this, these cabins will be available to the local community where training and support sessions will take place. A place for local young people to feel safe and where they can engage in group workshops. Another plan for not too far in the future is to also use them as a Well Man clinic with subsidised support for people that really need some help.

The sales team is rightfully very proud to have been involved in such a worthwhile project and is looking forward to how the relationship with Castleford Tigers will develop.

Thanks to the following people for taking part, Shaun Tomlinson (The instigator), Phillip John, Umran Suleman, Scott Commander, Toni Easter, Anthony Vale, Tom Rayner, David Kirkland and Team Captain, Colin Raymond.

Again, speaking of his experience, Captain Colin told us: ‘Of course it’s always easy to think that there are other more pressing priorities for the team to spend their time on, but this GADOYT, as many are, was critical to the local community. It further cemented our working relationship with Castleford Tigers and was a hugely gratifying experience for the team, creating a real team vibe and morale boost; even if one particular individual was the butt of our (fake) exasperation at times! I would recommend that anyone gets involved in volunteering as a team and uses the opportunity to take time out from the day job while still giving an awful lot back’.