Because we know that growing our own talent from within makes good business sense

Interserve Learning & Employment has added to its suite of management training programmes, recently launching its latest one in core leadership competencies for managers across the business. The development course currently has 24 managers progressing through it, with further plans to expand the training later in the year.

The MyDevelopment programme offers managers across the company the opportunity to network across its divisions and between different support services, sharing ideas, experiences and best practice to support the theory being learned. With psychometric profiling, one-to-one coaching and group sessions looking at core managerial skills from people management through to the identification and analysis of commercial opportunities, the programme seeks to enhance the participants’ key leadership competencies.

Reflecting on his time so far on the course, attendee Adam Smallwood said:

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing your job for five months or five years, the MyDevelopment programme will prove to be of benefit to you. Be prepared for self-reflection like you have never known before and to receive feedback, which you’re also reminded is the most valuable commodity in management, so it’s good to learn how to take it and deal with it yourself. Every session will feel like the kind of therapy people pay big money for! It is not so much what you do on each module that makes a difference, but what you’re prepared to put into practice afterwards that will bring a culture shift and allow you to truly live Interserve’s core values.