Interserve Learning & Employment is a place where people can make their mark, have a voice and thrive; a company that truly makes a difference and continues to redefine the future for people and places across the UK. Jessica Dunn’s progression story highlights the vast amount of opportunity that is available at Interserve.

After leaving school, Jessica went to college to complete a photography course. Following this, she discovered that she wanted to work within the field of business and retail and so to support her ambition she undertook voluntary positions in charity stores whilst claiming financial support through Job Seekers Allowance. She knew that by doing this it would impress potential employers who would want to see work experience and a passion for retail. Jessica admitted she was nervous about applying for jobs, but she hoped that eventually with the right support in place she could secure an opportunity as an apprentice.

Jessica received all of the support she needed when she met our team in Newcastle-under-Lyme. She signed up to a 6 week training course which included business administration work experience. Speaking about her journey, Jessica said: “I was very nervous about entering the world of full-time employment, however wanted to gain a fuller understanding of a real business to develop my skills and confidence”. After asking lots of question, gaining first-hand experience and industry knowledge, Jessica felt reassured and, just 4 weeks later, was overwhelmed when she was offered a position as an apprentice with Interserve.

Commenting on her progression, Heather Sheldon, Manager, told us: “we are pleased to be able to offer Jess this opportunity to develop further; this is what we are about, changing lives. Jess has settled in very quickly to the team at Newcastle and is getting on well with her colleagues, she is keen to learn and I’m sure she will go far.

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