1What does Interserve Learning & Employment do?
Interserve Learning & Employment has delivered employment programmes to over 100,000 customers just like you who are looking for a job. We have almost 15 years’ experience of designing solutions to help our customers, whatever their barriers to finding employment.
2What will Interserve Learning & Employment do for me?
Our commitment to you is to help you release your potential so that you can find work and get to where you want to be in your life.
3How does Interserve Learning & Employment help me get a job?
Interserve Learning & Employment delivers a range of employability programmes that are all aimed at providing you with the best opportunities to succeed. These programmes include the Work Programme, Mandatory Work Activity, Skills Support for Redundancy, Community Work Placements, Wage incentive scheme, Skills Support for the Unemployed and Traineeships. Most of our programmes rely on your Jobcentre Plus adviser referring you to us, so why not ask them about what support is available to you in your area.
4I have been out of work for some time, how will Interserve Learning & Employment help me?
We take great pride in providing you with a quality service. This is backed up by our eight point commitment: to treat you with dignity and respect; to develop an action plan at the start of your programme and carry out further assessments of your achievements as you progress; to give you your own case manager while you’re with us; to make sure you receive the best training and services available; to provide tools, resources and training materials to support you; to offer specialist support from other organisations where required; to provide training packages designed to develop your employability skills; to provide travelling expenses to attend our centre and for childcare (where approved) and to give you continued support while you’re in employment.
5Do I still sign on?
Yes, you still have to sign on as normal at your usual Jobcentre Plus office when you're on the Work Programme. Our customers are also required to attend review meetings with an assigned case worker at one of our local centres.
6What if there aren’t any jobs?
Our advisers have a track record of success in getting people into work; in some areas we are the top performing work programme provider! So by joining Interserve Learning & Employment you will be able to benefit from our specialist support and quality training packages, giving you the best chance of finding work.
7What about childcare costs on the Work Programme?
Interserve Learning & Employment is responsible for childcare costs while you participate and are working on any Mandatory Work Activity. This funding can only be paid to a registered child care provider.
8Can I get help with travel costs?
Whether you need to attend a job interview, or whether you need to carry out other work related activities, Interserve Learning & Employment will be responsible for providing you with the necessary travel costs. You are responsible for meeting the costs for attending you review meetings.
9Will this affect my benefits?
The Work Programme is a mandatory programme so if you do not attend or fail to participate then it may affect your benefits.
10How long is the Work Programme?
The Work Programme lasts for two years. Throughout this time, we will help you identify the skills you already have and match them to what employers are looking for.
11What happens at the end of the two years on the Programme?
At the end of the two year period on the Work Programme, an interview with Jobcentre Plus will be arranged to determine the support you need to move you towards employment. More intensive support will be given to those who need it, which will include face to face meetings and sanctions for those who don't take necessary steps to prepare for work.
12How can I find out more?
You will need to contact your local Jobcentre to find out if you are eligible to join us. Our employability programmes are available for people for people on Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).
13What is expected of me?
While you’re on your journey with us, we ask that you play your part in creating a pleasant and productive environment. To get the most out of our programme, we ask that you follow our simple guidelines : treat others on the programme fairly and equally at all times and respect people’s personal space; use appropriate language; attend and fully participate in your programme; dress appropriately at all times; use safe working practices at all times and do not put yourself or others in danger; If you are not able to attend a session advise us immediately. – absences may affect your entitlement to benefit payments and; continue to attend regular meetings with your Jobcentre Plus adviser.
14How safe are Interserve Learning & Employment’s centres?
We follow strict health and safety guidelines and have various H&S measures in place including a health and safety notice board, accident reporting system, hazard awareness and reduction and a qualified first aider and Fire Officer.
15Can I smoke at your centres?
For the benefit of everyone’s health and safety, the company operates a ‘no smoking’ policy in all buildings. Please refrain from smoking at the entrance to buildings as this gives a poor image to visitors and the general public.
16Will I be treated fairly?
Yes! We are committed to the active promotion of equal opportunities to overcome inequalities that exist in society We recognise and value diversity and wish to help and develop the potential of every individual.
17What if I want to make a complaint?
We always strive to give you a top quality service, but if you’re not happy with the service you receive, just follow these simple steps to let us know. It’s very important to us that you get in touch if you do have a complaint so that we can improve our service to you and maintain our high standards. Speak to your case manager, in person, by phone or in writing. They will record your complaint in the online Customer Complaint Register. Interserve Learning & Employment will write to you within five days, to let you know how we plan to investigate the issue. An Investigative Officer and Senior Manager, independent from all parties involved, will be assigned to you. Interviews and examining evidence will take place. If they cannot resolve the complaint within two days, the Investigative Officer will write to you to give you an update on the proceedings. A full written response will be provided within 14 days of receipt of your complaint. The letter will contain instructions on what to do next if you don’t agree with decisions made or actions taken. If unresolved you will then be invited to attend an appeal meeting with the investigating Officer and Group Operations Director. The Group Operations Director will make the final decision on the outcome of your compliant. You will receive a letter within 10 days of the meeting notifying you on the outcome of your appeal.