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Jumping for Jobs for The Prince of Wales Hospice

At Interserve Learning & Employment we work with long-term unemployed people, some of who suffer with mental, emotional and physical health conditions. Through group sessions we help people to build their confidence and social skills, sometimes through team fundraising activities for a charity of their choice. A recent group of our Work Programme customers in Pontefract chose to raise money for The Prince of Wales Hospice.

Based in Pontefract, The Prince of Wales Hospice provides palliative care and support for patients and their families with life-limiting illnesses.

The fundraising group have so far planned and organised community events in Pontefract, including a raffle at a local bus station and a Christmas Crafts session. Their target was to raise £200 for the charity, which they’ve achieved almost twofold and received vast support since the project began.

Two employees of Interserve Learning & Employment have become exceedingly passionate about the fundraising support they can offer. As part of their responsibility to encourage, motivate and support their customers, Job Coaches Amy Gale and Nathan Garbutt have agreed to jump out of a plane at 15,000ft if they reach a new target of £1,000!

Speaking about the fundraising and its impact on the work we do, Amy said: “The charity project has had such a positive impact on our customers, it’s given them direction; not just in work but in life too. One participant on the programme hadn’t visited a supermarket in three years due to high anxiety, but the community fundraising events that they’ve been involved with has empowered them to visit one on their own. It’s something that everyone can take part in and be inspired by. Everybody in Pontefract knows how hard The Prince of Wales Hospice works too.”

Fellow skydiver Nathan said: “When I told someone I was jumping out of a plane at 15,000FT for work, they went on to ask me if I worked for the MI5! But seriously I am really proud to be leading this project with Amy. The Prince of Wales Hospice in Pontefract does some fantastic work locally and together we’re empowering people to move forward.”

To support the work of The Prince of Wales Hospice, inspire our group of fundraisers and push Amy and Nathan to the limit, click here to donate.