Lead Adult Care Worker Elwira awarded a distinction!

Elwira Wielgat has a bright future ahead after finishing a Lead Adult Care Worker apprenticeship with top marks.

Elwira is originally from Poland and now lives in London. She’s a full time Senior Support Worker at Pinfold, a residential care home for men and women suffering or recovering from mental health problems.

In 2019, Elwira was asked by the Home Manager, Lorna Esterine if she would like to study towards a qualification in health and social care. The two discussed the Lead Adult Care Worker Level 3 apprenticeship, a programme designed for support workers and senior support workers looking for the next stage in their career.

After the discussion with Lorna, she agreed to start studying. It wasn’t long before Realise were selected as the training provider to help Elwira gain the qualification she needed.

As a bilingual person, speaking in Polish and English, Elwira was quietly concerned that she could struggle to pass. Talking about how she felt at the start of her training, she told us that: “I am Polish and English is my second language. When I started my apprenticeship, I was really worried about communicating and how I would complete the requirements of the course.”

Support from Realise

All apprentices studying with Realise are assigned dedicated tutors. The tutors teach the required curriculum and are one of the biggest sources of support for the learners.

Felistas Rusere was the training and development specialist who coached Elwira. Speaking about her experiences with her tutors, Elwira commented: “From day one, Felistas reassured me that I will get the support that I need.

“At first, I did not come out very well with my English and Maths assessments, so I was assigned an additional Functional Skills Tutor called Tracey to help with these. Tracey used different methods to help me complete tasks.

“Felistas and Tracey were very supportive and because of this, it wasn’t long before I successfully completed my Diploma, Maths and English.”

Overcoming challenges

Elwira did come across challenges whilst studying towards her Lead Adult Care Worker programme. But with the help of Felistas and Tracey, all obstacles were soon overcome.

Elwira recalled that: “The most difficult part for me was the tests and discussion at the End Point Assessment. In the run up to my assessment, Felistas would ring me up regularly to help me prepare. She also requested more time for me during these assessments.

“At one point I told Felistas that I wanted to quit. She then took the time to sit down with me and explain that this was an opportunity for me to gain a qualification that could change my life.”

The results

Elwira went on to gain a distinction, the highest grade possible in her Lead Adult Care Worker apprenticeship.

She said that: “I was going to be happy with a pass, but to receive an email saying I have gained a distinction grade was a shock. I am so grateful for all the support that I have received and now the sky is my limit. I know the future is bright thanks to Felistas and Tracey from Realise.”

Felistas Rusere, Training & Development Officer said that: “Elwira has worked so hard for this qualification. It was not without obstacles, but with determination and self-motivation she has done it. I am so proud of her and grateful that she has chosen Realise to support her in gaining this life changing qualification.’’

Further information about Health & Social care apprenticeships can be found here

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