For National Share-A-Story-Month this year, we embraced the celebration of storytelling and supported the aim of FCBG; bringing children and stories together, or in our case, apprentices and their anecdotes. What better time to find out what people on our apprenticeship programmes have been up to whilst moving on up in their careers and following their ambitions?

In an ongoing effort to celebrate apprenticeships and the great career prospects that they provide, we at Interserve only wish to encourage other young people to follow in their footsteps and inspire more people to choose this as their future.

And so, we created a way for previous apprentices to ‘pay it forward’, to share their experience and encourage people of the many benefits of an apprenticeship pathway, having once ‘been in their shoes’ at the point of making this important decision.

We were prepared to take it on the chin and receive the good, the bad and the ugly (whilst only hoping there was no bad or ugly!). Fortunately for everybody involved, only the finest feedback was received; with over 40 superstar ex-apprentices telling us all about the time on their apprenticeship and the achievements they have made since then. To encourage participation, we also gave away 2 x £50 Amazon vouchers to two lucky participants chosen at random; a big congratulations to Karen Lynch and Natalie Winter who won!

Good news

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the entries and so a big thank you to everybody involved in supporting this campaign.

Keep an eye out for our #31daysofgoodnews stories on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn! This only shares a very small snippet each day throughout August of the feedback received and we aim to provide more detailed stories in the near future!

The idea has certainly celebrated and recognised the personal impacts and benefits of apprenticeships.

P.S . . .

90% of the respondents rated their time on their apprenticeship as very good or brilliant with reasons including gaining confidence, being given the chance to earn whilst learning, the accommodation of staff members and being fully aware of what was required from them as an apprentice start to finish.

90% said they are very likely to recommend Interserve Learning & Employment as a training provider too, which is the best endorsement we could hope for.

We hope you enjoy reading these little insights into life as an apprentice (and after) and they inspire you to consider the same. But of course, if you do still want to find out a little bit more, just get in touch with us and we’ll tell you all you need to know.

The ILE Marketing Team