Following redundancy after three successful years at Fairburn Chase, Tracy Roberts was faced with the challenge of a new start in a location that no longer required workers in her profession as a care worker. ILE’s Open Doors team helped her to develop and update her CV, which opened up exciting new job opportunities and a bright future after redundancy.

Tracy met with course tutor, Neil who, by helping her work on and improve her CV, encouraged Tracy to recognise that she does have a great skill set which can be used in areas other than the care sector. Tracy commented:

Neil coached me through interview techniques and job searching for roles in the Welfare to Work sector.

With the support of the Open Doors team, Tracy completed qualifications for level 1 in Customer Service and Health and Safety, which upgraded her CV, making it more appealing to employers. These qualifications ensured her CV had a wider span, and ensured that she had skills that many employers are looking for. This gave Tracy a newfound hope for a bright future; Tracy went through two stages of interviews that resulted in her being offered a position as a tutor.

These techniques and her newfound hope for the future helped her to get through the two stages of interviews which resulted in her being offered a role as Tutor with ILE.

Tracy emphasises the great help ILE gave her, including giving the direction she required, when she previously had ‘no thought’ of what she could do or where she was going.

Tracy commented:

I can honestly say that before I met Interserve I had no thought of what I could do or where I was going. Only with the support of the trainer did I gain the confidence to apply for jobs I would have previously ignored.

Here, Interserve’s continuous redundancy support and productive help contributed to the project’s success, by encouraging Tracy to see the future in a brighter light than before, and to be confident about her strong abilities.

If you know of somebody who is looking for a bright future after redundancy, then please get in contact.