Be your child’s best teacher; give them the right careers advice starting with a Traineeship.

What is a Traineeship?

A Traineeship is an education and training programme with work experience, ideal for your son or daughter if they need the skills and experience that employers are looking for. At the core of a Traineeship is work preparation training, English and Maths for those who need it and a high quality work experience placement. Our Traineeships are run for 16-18 year olds who are just not quite ready to enter the world of work. We believe that they are the answer to a perennial problem facing both employers and young people – one frustrated by a shortage of experienced candidates to fill their vacancies and the other equally frustrated by the lack of opportunity to get that experience.

Are Traineeships for your son or daughter?

Traineeships are the ideal choice for those who have the motivation and want to get a job but just don’t have the skills and experience that employers are looking for. They might have already applied for Apprenticeship vacancies but been unsuccessful due to that lack of experience and workplace skills. If this is the case, they are the perfect candidate for a Traineeship. To be suitable for a Traineeship from Interserve Learning & Employment, we are looking for people who are:

Unemployed and have little work experience

Motivated to work

Aged 16 to 18 and qualified below Level 3

Can be ready for employment or an Apprenticeship within six months of taking part in a Traineeship

A Traineeship can be the start of their career journey, leading to an Apprenticeship at all levels through to their ultimate dream job. They just need to take this first step. Ask them to contact us now on 80011 by texting LEARN or call us on 0333 444 3973.