Partnership Opportunity

Partner opportunity: Adult Education Budget (AEB) – Non Devolved Delivery

Every year Interserve Learning & Employment supports over 7,000 adults across a wide range of programmes and contracts. At the heart of our business is our vision to inspire talent and we know that we can’t always do this alone. Through collaboration, we can be more agile and responsive to the communities where we work.

Working together to deliver better results

As a training provider operating across the UK in both devolved and non-devolved areas, we work in partnership with stakeholders, providers and local communities to ensure the services we deliver achieve the results needed to sustain and promote economic growth. We realise that we cannot always do this alone. The policy landscape has changed significantly over the last two years. As has our thinking, approach and strategy. In response, we want to change the way we work with providers and partners. We recognise the need to be more collaborative and create true partnerships that go beyond the more traditional subcontracting models that the education and skills sector has been used to for so long. By working together differently we can make a more positive impact and deliver better results.

A new partnership opportunity

To achieve this aim we’re looking to engage with partners who may be interested in working with us in a partnership. We know that we can’t work with everyone, but through careful planning, selection and partnering, we can make a bigger and better difference to the lives and skills of those individuals aged 19 and over for those in work and those looking to find employment.

We understand how important it is to provide a quality service at a local level and how important it is for every learner to have the opportunity to fulfil and realise their potential.

So a simple and short expression of interest form has been created for anyone interested in working with us. The form can be accessed by clicking here.

Once you have completed the form please email it to

What we are looking for

We are looking to engage and work alongside specialist and niche providers to deliver complementary programmes. Whether that’s co-delivered programmes, supporting with particular groups of learners or even through new ways of working. We know how important it is to make sure we get the right learner on the right programme for them, so by working together, we can create better programmes that are right for individuals and create the right impact for their goals and future.

To start with we are only focused on a small number of geographical areas but this may change over time. Our website will be refreshed and updated to reflect any changes.

Why partner with us?

We are proud of our history and heritage, supporting and developing the skills of individuals. We have an excellent track record of delivering apprenticeships and adult learning programmes and have a high quality and proven way of supporting and working with partners and subcontractors. Rated as Excellent by Merlin you can be reassured of our expertise. The way we work with and support our partners is set out in the Delivery Partner Management Framework.

If you have any questions or wish to speak to someone about partner opportunities, please get in contact by emailing: and one of our team will get in touch.

Next steps

We’ll review each expression of interest and will be in contact as appropriate to the submission and fit to the current and planned activity. Our senior leadership team will ensure appropriate alignment to the business strategy, assessing submissions and agreeing on any future service activity.

We will, of course, conduct a full due diligence exercise with additional details collected and reviewed before formal contracting takes place. But we are keen to keep the process as simple and easy as possible to start with for you. At a later date, for example, we will check financial standing, ensuring appropriate policies, documents and key processes are in place as well as quality, capacity and capability. This process is in line and in accordance with ESFA requirements and regulations.