Partner opportunity: Adult Education Budget Non-devolved (AEB) – Covid-19 Responsiveness

Every year ILE, as an Ofsted Grade 2 rated provider, supports over 7,000 adults across a wide range of programmes and contracts. At the heart of our business is our vision to inspire talent and we know that we can’t always do this alone. Through collaboration, we can be more agile and responsive to the communities where we work.

Context and rationale

Delivering training, education and support in 2020/21 has started under exceptional circumstances. The impact of Covid-19 is far reaching. Like many providers we are working to changing market and economic conditions and the subsequent labour market challenges.

We recognise there is a real need to change. To be more collaborative and create true partnerships to be able to support our communities better in these challenging times. 

In September 2020 ILE implemented and subsequently mobilised a Covid-19 responsive offer. An opportunity was launched for additional subcontracting to support disadvantaged learners in West Yorkshire and Sheffield City Region. The demand for funding and support was high. As we are now in a second national ‘lock down’, ILE believes that as a responsible provider we need to reflect the changing times.

What we are looking for

We understand how important it is to provide a quality service at a local level and how important it is for every learner to have the opportunity to fulfil and realise their potential.

So a simple and short expression of interest form has been created to help this. 

We want to engage with providers who are able to complement our own offer and not duplicate the services we already provide. We are looking for providers who are able to demonstrate their ability to:

  • Target, engage and support unemployed learners
  • Deliver outcome focused learning with employment as the end goal
  • Evidence strong links to local employers to achieve results
  • Work in partnership with ILE to provide holistic services
  • Be honest and realistic with their goals

What we want to see delivered

We want provision to be targeted where it is needed most, both with opportunities and skills shortages. We therefore encourage providers interested in working with us to focus on:

  • Construction
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Security

Where we want delivery to take place

This opportunity is for those providers working in geographical areas that are currently outside of any of the current and planned 10 Mayoral Combined Authorities. So for example, we are keen to support delivery in non-devolved areas such as:

  • Cheshire & Warrington
  • Worcestershire
  • Leicester & Leicestershire
  • The Marches
  • Stoke & Staffordshire
  • Nottinghamshire

Value of the opportunity

We expect up to £100,000 of AEB to be awarded.

The EOI can be found by clicking here with more details about what we are looking for, the timelines and the opportunity

Once you have completed the form please email it to no later than 12:00 27th November 2020.

Next steps

We’ll review each expression of interest in line with the timeline. Our senior leadership team will ensure appropriate alignment to the business strategy, assessing submissions and agreeing on any future service activity.

We want to keep the process as simple and easy as possible as we know that we need to respond quickly to the challenges of Covid-19.

A full due diligence exercise with additional details will need to be collected and reviewed before formal contracting takes place for successful providers. We will check for example financial standing, ensuring appropriate policies, documents and key processes are in place as well as quality, capacity and capability.

This process is in line and in accordance with ESFA requirements and regulations.

Why partner with us?

We are proud of our history and heritage, supporting and developing the skills of individuals. We have an excellent track record of delivering apprenticeships and adult learning programmes and have a high quality and proven way of supporting and working with partners and subcontractors.

We are keen to work with providers able to support our communities and work with us to deliver a more holistic learning programme. Whether that’s cross referring learners or responding together to emerging needs and demands.