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ProCo apprenticeship case study

Snapshot of ProCo

We’ll help you spend less time administering marketing processes and more time creating living, breathing campaigns that remind you why you got into marketing in the first place. But what’s the secret of digital wizardry?

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The Employer

ProCo is a Sheffield based company that works with client’s nationwide, providing digital and litho print solutions across a range of marketing and communications platforms. ProCo chose Interserve Learning & Employment as their preferred training provider to maximise the apprenticeship opportunities available to both current employees and new recruits.

Operations Director at ProCo, Matthew Johnson commented, “the recruitment process with Interserve is very robust” making it easy to find new recruits. ProCo has had a historical relationship with Interserve, having served Interserve print needs for several years. This allowed for a sense of ease and a deeper understanding of the company’s needs and preferences in the recruitment process.

ProCo has benefited greatly having recruited two apprentices. Recruiting locally, has not only supported ProCo’s Corporate Social Responsibility- there has also been a wider benefit to the team as a whole. ProCo believe that creating knowledge within the business and mobilising that knowledge throughout is a vital contributor to ProCo’s success. Recruiting apprentices has played a key role in this, as they bring fresh skill sets and new ideas to the table, and being able to share knowledge with other employees, allows for a more innovative environment too.

Matthew commented, “Apprentices may learn something new that they can share with their colleagues; and those colleagues who are more experienced, can share the best working practices with them. Creating an end-to-end solution.”

The Apprentice

ProCo hired two apprentices, Alex Drury, who is now an Account Developer and Lucinda Jordan, Marketing Account Manager.

Following his studies Alex considered all of his options and found that an apprenticeship deemed to be the most suitable route in to his career, commenting, “University doesn’t guarantee a job, whilst an apprenticeship allowed me to start my career.”

Alex believes that he is not a visual or a ‘text-book’ learner and therefore the ‘hands on learning’ approach that the apprenticeship offered, seemed like the perfect opportunity for Alex. Working as an Account Developer, means that Alex acts as the intermediary between the customers and ProCo, dealing effectively with customer needs and complaints.

The combination of practical learning whilst also studying and gaining a qualification allows Alex to continuously progress in his career, acquiring new skills and techniques with the support of ProCo to implement them practically. Lucinda works for ProCo as a Marketing Account Manager and supports clients with their marketing needs, alongside managing ProCo’s digital marketing activities too.

Lucinda did not initially start as an apprentice, but went on to take over the social media side of the business and completed a diploma with ILE. Lucinda commented, “each day I’m learning something new. I have grown in confidence and understand where I am picking up new skills”.

Alex and Lucinda both found that apprenticeships are able to constantly refresh your skillset and so they would highly recommend it to anybody considering a progression pathway, whether that be a school leaver, or even someone already in a role looking to progress in their career.

Alex advises, “ask as many questions as you can, as you only learn when you ask.” Many apprentices may be afraid to ask for help, but Alex reassures new apprentices that the people around you are always there to “help you develop”.

At Interserve Learning & Employment we’re able to give help and advice to all clients, particularly those who are taking on an apprentice for the first time. We pride ourselves on evaluating each applicant sufficiently. This helps to match the right candidate to the right role. Our specialist Trainer Assessors can ensure both the client and learner are happy throughout the process. Contact us today to speak to one of our dedicated team and we can help you to find your perfect match.