The Completer Finisher: an unsung hero. The one who remains calm under pressure, never leaves a task unfinished or a problem unsolved. These people seem to be cut from an indestructible kind of material and wouldn’t bat an eyelid if asked, for example, to recreate the 7 Wonders of the World. You won’t be surprised to hear that these very same people are secret Project Managers and would revel in the opportunity to claim that title with a Project Management apprenticeship.

Hello, Professional Apprenticeships

In my world, we help hundreds of eager organisers, become Project Managers. As the Head of Professional Apprenticeships at Interserve Learning & Employment (ILE) I am proud to champion apprenticeships that help existing professionals to develop. Supporting established, extremely talented and enthusiastic employees through apprenticeships isn’t a new invention; though after the introduction of the apprenticeship levy it’s now much more achievable for large businesses.

With our partner organisation Parallel Project Training we’ve developed an all new apprenticeship which aims to improve people’s career prospects and project management skills while also contributing to that all important business performance. The new project management course which includes the Association for Project Management (APM) qualification is really taking off and it’s a subject I’m excited to be writing about.

I remember my first cohort of 20 project management apprentices beginning their journey this year, with managers from our own corporate service teams being among the first to try the qualification. We also had teams from contracts held by Interserve with the BBC and Landmark Securities, who are now reaping the rewards of personal development and are well on their way to a project management qualification. Lisa Griffiths, Credit Controller, and an advocate from that cohort told me:

“You can really tell this is a professional programme. You have to be prepared to work hard, but I am really enjoying the Associate Project Manager apprenticeship. I feel supported by my manager as well as my trainer. It makes sense and it’s relevant.”

Talk to me about Project Management apprenticeships

The APM apprenticeship is designed to suit you, your projects and your team. This is a fantastic development programme offering not just the ‘what’ but the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of project management.  So if you are looking to launch Project Management training in your organisation, call one of my team on 0333 444 3973, or email Professional.Apprenticeships@interserve.com. Let’s chat about rewarding that indispensable colleague you’d be lost without.