Handy hints and tips

We want to give you the skills you need, whether you’re starting out as an apprentice, enhancing current skills or growing the skills of your workforce. Learning and employment is our specialty, so we’ve produced a host of handy hints to help you stand out from the crowd.

Introduction to Apprenticeships (for students and young people)

An Apprenticeship can take you anywhere you want to go. Download our guide to Apprenticeships.

The benefits of an apprenticeship

We've put together this short poster to demonstrate the great benefits of doing an apprenticeship. Download it and have a look

Finding a Job

Where do you start your search? Follow our top ten tips to finding the perfect position and make sure you explore all avenues to career success.

Finding an Employer

So you’ve identified an industry, now all you need is an employer! We’ve put together a step by step guide to steer you from starting out to that all important job offer.

Job Searching

To keep you focused and positive about finding a job, we’ve smoked out the best places to search and identified what to look for in every opportunity. Happy hunting!

Application Form

Some job vacancies will require you to complete an application form. We’ve put together a few reminders to help you make the most of this first point of contact.

Cover Letter

Create a good first impression with a professional, properly presented cover letter. We will tell you what to say and how to say it to secure that all important interview.

CV Help

Make sure your CV isn’t filed in the bin with our list of dos and don’ts. We’ll run through what an employer is looking for and how to make sure your presentation is perfect.

Interview Advice

So you’re over the first hurdle, now it’s time to do your homework. Follow our guide to planning and preparing for your interview and you’ll arrive informed and in control.