National Share-A-Story-Month is here; a month we look forward to every year, whereby the celebration of storytelling and story sharing provides a fantastic opportunity to fulfil the aim of FCBG of bringing children and stories together. And so what better time to find out what young people on our apprenticeship programmes have been up to whilst moving on up in their careers, following their ambitions? In an ongoing effort to celebrate apprenticeships and the great career prospects that they provide, we wish to encourage other young people to follow your lead and inspire more of them to choose an apprenticeship and smash the government’s 3 million apprenticeships target by 2020!

Successful apprentices can share what they have been up to since passing their qualification with the support of Interserve using the hashtag #ILEsuccess on Twitter, posting on the Facebook page or completing the short survey here.

Why share your story?

The campaign is inspired to provide previous apprentices with the chance to ‘pay it forward’ and encourage people of the many benefits of an apprenticeship pathway, having once ‘been in their shoes’ at the point of making this important career decision. Secondly, storytelling helps people to digest information in a way they can easily remember and so children will be able to grasp the prospects of an apprenticeship when they think about what they want to do when they grow up.

There’s nothing quite like news from the horse’s mouth and what better way to inspire somebody than to share your own experience?

If you need some motivation to tell your story, read about what Becca has achieved following her Level 3 Marketing Administration apprenticeship here. Becca is an inspiration to anybody considering this route.

If you have achieved the unachievable following your apprenticeship, we want to hear from you today!

P.S. There are 2 x £50 Amazon vouchers up for grabs for each participant!