Health & Safety Short Courses

1Care Certificate
This course is recommended by the Care Quality Commission and is for anyone starting work in the health or social care sectors, including health care assistants, assistant practitioners, care support workers, adult social care workers providing direct care in residential and nursing homes and hospices, and home care workers.

The course consists of 15 standards that make up the complete knowledge requirement of the Care Certificate. The standards are:

- Understand your Role
- Your Personal Development
- Duty of Care
- Equality and Diversity
- Work in a Person-Centred Way
- Communication
- Privacy and Dignity
- Fluids and Nutrition
- Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability
- Safeguarding Adults
- Safeguarding Children
- Basic Life Support
- Health and Safety
- Handling Information
- Infection Prevention and Control

It is recommended by the Care Quality Commission that employers in the health or social care sectors should deliver the Care Certificate as part of their staff induction programmes. This course is the ideal resource to allow staff to go on to achieve the full Care Certificate or the relevant standards within it. If you are not required to complete the full 15 module Care Certificate, individual specific standards can be selected.

Content is fully interactive and uses engaging resources which can be used flexibly so you can manage your own learning. You can revisit modules for revision or refreshment and your knowledge is assessed and recorded so you can track your progress. This course also links to Highfield’s e-kits for enhanced assessment.

How long is the course?
This course consists of 15 standards and each standard takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete.

The course is flexible so that you can complete the standards that are specific to your role.

How is it assessed?
Completion of this course will confirm your understanding of the knowledge elements of the Care Certificate. Following this, once the competence elements of the Care Certificate have been observed in the workplace, the Certificate can be awarded by your employer.

What’s next?
This course is mapped to units on the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) relating to health and social care qualifications, meaning you can use the standards you have completed as recognised prior learning.