Make Apprenticeships part of your careers advice and give pupils the opportunity to earn while they learn and importantly, a credible, direct route into the world of work after they leave school. Apprenticeships are open to anyone aged 16 or over and should be a serious consideration for your GCSE and A-level students. School leavers work towards nationally recognised qualifications and develop the qualities employers are looking for, including essential maths and English skills.

Be an informed adviser

The careers advice you provide can be pivotal for students at this critical point in their future. Make sure you have the information to guide and inform school leavers about Apprenticeships. They are available in 170 industries, in almost every conceivable role and offer a viable alternative to college or university, providing a direct route into the world of work. The Government is committed to investing in Apprenticeships with a pledge to increase both the quality and quantity of the Apprenticeships in England, reaching three million starts in 2020. Apprentices are paid a starting salary that reflects their abilities, which they can expect to rise in line with their skills. Research shows apprentices earn, on average, £4,000 more than graduates once qualified – without amassing debt.

Find out more

We work in partnership with thousands of employers who are looking for apprentices and at any one time there are almost 30,000 vacancies available through the National Apprenticeship Service. To find out more, email or contact us on 0333 444 3973.