5th February 2016
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4th July 2019
ILE team members standing outside

Bringing employability skills to students with autism in Doncaster

The learner recruitment team at Interserve Learning & Employment (ILE) recently visited Stone Hill School in Doncaster to provide employability guidance to students with autism. […]
18th June 2019

Rewarding success with United Response

A graduation ceremony is a chance to celebrate success, cheer on the achievements of others and bring people together. But long gone are the days […]


  • I just wanted to tell you that Charlene, the assessor I have had, has been absolutely amazing. She really helped me with my NVQ in nursing and was understanding of my home life. She has been so kind and considerate. She's so easy to talk to and supportive. I just wanted to make sure her positive attitude and supportiveness was recognised. I couldn't have done it without her. Thanks, Hannah.
    Apprentice Victoria
  • I'm really enjoying it! I'm never bored and learning new things everyday. All the people that work there are lovely and I think I'm fitting in really well:-)
    Apprentice Victoria
  • Everything's going great and I am enjoying it a lot. I'm already thinking about doing the next level after I finish this one.
    Apprentice Shannon
  • I'm really enjoying it, I feel a part of the team now 2nd week in and I'm taking phone calls and generally keeping busy I also have my own office where I work.
    Apprentice Sam
  • I have seen a massive improvement in the performance of my catering team. It is not simply a matter of securing a paper qualification; they have become much better at their jobs and more committed to the club as they are impressed that we have invested time and money in their development.
    Sunderland AFC
  • Interserve Learning & Employment is very efficient and works through the plan that they set out with the individuals in a quick and professional manner, whilst not interrupting the business needs. We have been working together for six months and all of the operators that were signed up to the programme have completed the qualification well within the allocation time frame that had originally been set.
    Manchester United FC
  • Our staff are more confident and skilled practitioners and that reassures parents that their children are in safe hands. Parents talk to their friends and word-of-mouth endorsement is a really powerful way of attracting new customers.
    Lilliput Montessori Day Nursery
  • We benefit from their understanding of our business because they can identify and help deliver just the training individuals need to became an invaluable member of our team.
  • We get insightful feedback on our staff, identifying their strengths and areas needing further development. That’s very important to a business like ours because we want to retain our staff for the long-term – we believe that will pay off in better business performance.
  • I am currently completing my level 2 in business administration and all is going well. When I first started in September I had a bit of a set back, but Interserve Learning & Employment helped me to overcome this and boost my confidence to continue on with an apprenticeship! Finding Interserve Learning & Employment was the best thing for me as they taught me a lot about what an apprenticeship could do for me in the future and helped to lead me onto the right path. I would like to thank Victoria Douglas especially, for helping me to get settled in the right apprenticeship for me and supporting me through the whole process. I would recommend Interserve Learning & Employment to anyone looking for apprenticeship opportunities!
    Apprentice Chelsea
  • Over the years, Interserve Learning & Employment has provided us a great number of apprentices - many of whom we still employ. Their understanding of our systems, workplace and people is a fantastic help. In partnership with Victoria Douglas we now have several staff trained and pursuing a full career as vital members of our teams.While not everyone works out, this is no different from employing any other member of staff. The majority do and go on to other fields within our business giving them experience and knowledge and giving us ambitious young individuals who wish to excel while understanding how we ‘tick’.We take apprentices for the long-haul and Interserve Learning & Employment help and support us in ensuring we get the right candidates.
    Lloyd Sims - Roslyns
  • This course is a fantastic opportunity. It increases your knowledge and confidence, and the help you get is wonderful. I had a few set backs and challenges in the year I was taking this course but my assessor Stephen Wall was consistently supportive and encouraging, even when things weren't going well. It's something that I feel will really help me in the future.
    Biba williams - Ye Olde Cider Bar
  • I completed my English exams and I passed with flying colours. I am so happy, it has boosted my confidence, and I am looking forward to progress in the Interserve Learning & Employment course. Would like to thank Victoria Muskett with all of her help and support that she has given and provided for me.
    Emily Swansborough
  • I really enjoyed completing my qualification in food production and cooking. It has built my confidence up and will open up new possibilities for my future I would recommend the course.
    Ben Wigmore - Caterplus at Whiteley Village as Supper Chef
  • Thank you to Tom and Victoria because every college I've been too they haven't helped me do what I want to do and yesterday you made me feel confident, that you can get me the apprenticeship I want! So thank you! :D
    Apprentice Charlotte
  • Thank you Interserve for the professional and friendly service you have provided during our recruitment drive. Not only did you meet all our criteria, which was not an easy task in its self, you took time out to visit our business on several occasions to get an understanding of our requirements to ensure you delivered the right personnel.On reflection using Interserve to recruit for our business has saved the company hours of interviewing and therefore enabled us to drive forward at no financial cost.As you will be aware we have employed the majority of candidates you interview on our behalf and their understanding and work ethic is most impressive, the quality of personnel you have supplied should be commended. You can rest assured that Interserve will be at the top of our list when recruiting in the future.
  • The Interserve Learning & Employment team at Wakefield have been amazing in putting together some great groups of people for us here at Bezier, in fact Marta is there at the moment with Liz interviewing even more people!The quality and standard of applicants that you supply is exactly what we need, the attrition rate is very low and this helps us immensely as I'm sure you appreciate...Michael Harkin is the most successful applicant you have provided so far, he was recently promoted to Team Leader and now regularly runs lines of up to 20 people at a time with absolutely no problems at all!
    Blue Arrow
  • Members of the team are much better with customers now and for Game I think that’s going to mean a more profitable business. I think it has shown us all how retailing works and nowadays when I go into other stores I really notice when it’s not being done well. My area has put between 30-40 people through various NVQs, probably the most in the company, and that is testimony to the confidence we have in you – they are very much like a member of our internal team