The rumours ARE true.

On Friday 15 September, The ILE ‘A’ Team abandoned the comfort of the office, the security of their air-con and familiarity of their executive chairs and faced the wild (aka the blissful scenery of Yorkshire’s finest ‘Pennine range’). The team managed to raise a whopping £2,200 towards the Interserve Employee Foundation (IEF) whilst also giving a day of their time to support such a great charity. The IEF is the granddaddy of all charities; it does what it does to ensure that hundreds of smaller, local charities and community projects benefit every year. It allows scores of local volunteering projects to take place – all of which support projects making a real impact on people’s lives.

The team of twenty four ‘avid’ hikers split in to five groups of four and set off at the crack of dawn, last Friday. Pushing themselves (and each other) to new heights, achieving personal goals, living for a purpose and doing something for a noble cause, the teams proceeded on an expedition that would most certainly be one that they cherish for life.

Whilst the team climbed their way up and down the peaks for the next 12 hours, the team were able to distract themselves from the sheer worry of their worn out feet and knee joints. One distraction being a ‘pick me up’ Spotify playlist with Diana Ross’s classic song, ‘Ain’t no Mountain High Enough’ being played on repeat!



For months ahead of the walk, the dreaded fears built in each other’s minds, from the many conversations had around the office, including the ‘all the gear, every idea’ and the ‘no gear and zero idea’ discussions.  Rebecca Edgecumbe however, said nothing and rocked up in her £7 Primark trainers, smiling like a Cheshire cat, ready to go. She might have slid down the sides of rainy mountains, but had no blisters or sore feet at the end, so who’s the real winner here?!

One of the groups were thoroughly enjoying the beautiful surrounding landscape, whilst chatting away. Though before they knew it, they had wandered off over the never-ending panoramic hills and fields, ending up 3.5 miles off track! Though they were fortunately able to hold their heads up high, stay motivated and complete the challenge with smiles on their faces.

Team leader, Ati Iqbal commented, “climbing the 3 peaks taught me more about myself than anything else I’ve ever delved in my whole life. It taught me patience when the going got tough, how to persevere in the face of injuries, how to struggle for the greater good, and to lead a team in completion of the event. All in all, it had been an amazing day out with the whole ILE Team for one of England’s most formidable walks, in enjoyable company.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather, 7 hours of clear visibility with occasional peering sunshine, in the midst of soft woven grey clouds. Though at the latter end we had a few hours of scattered rain but this was expected. This is the North, where rain adds  to the overall mystique of the event!”


Post Walk

Having accomplished the hike all in aid of the Interserve Employee Foundation, the rest of the weekend involved nursing shredded calf muscles, many of bubble baths and sat smiling on the sofa, reminiscing over the fantastic memories and the real feeling of accomplishment that will stay with them forever.

The team have really pushed themselves to reach personal goals but more importantly, have completed it to support a cause close to their hearts as Ambassador Champions of the Interserve Employee Foundation.

A big congratulations to everybody who took part and made the day a roaring success.

Click here to see the team members. You can also see all of the photos on the IEF Facebook page.