Former apprentice and now Head of Regional Sales for Interserve Learning & Employment, Kelly Bailey speaks out about the apprenticeship benefits for both the individual and their switched-on employer. . .

There are many benefits to recruiting apprentices and there has never been a better time to invest in your workforce through using this proven route to upskill them. The recent introduction of the Apprenticeship levy and wider Apprenticeship reform has opened many doors for employers to develop their existing workforce as well as grow their talent for the future.

Apprenticeships offer both the candidate and the employer the opportunity to learn and grow, and through hard work and commitment Apprentices can get to ‘The Board Room’. I can testify for the progression available for people who choose the apprenticeship path – just as I did some years ago!

Here at Interserve Learning & Employment we have seen many success stories over the years, which wouldn’t have been possible without our specialised recruitment team matching the right candidates to the right employers and our dedicated training and support teams. You can read the case studies from people we have helped through our Apprenticeship programme here. And these are just a fraction of the tens of thousands we have worked with over the years.

Recruiting your apprentices

To achieve this success we will take into account the suitability of candidates on a local level and their eligibility on a national level to meet the needs of the recruiting employer. We will support the employer to offer sustainable opportunities through career progression pathways with the backing of our Training and Development teams.

Through the introduction of the Levy, Employers can reduce their training budgets and sign people up to Apprenticeship programmes where previously they were prevented from doing so or had to revert to expensive external training. The Government has also relaxed the eligibility criteria for apprenticeships too. For example, some learners with degrees unrelated to their occupation can now do an apprenticeship, where this wasn’t possible previously.

What are the benefits?

Apprenticeships give people a chance, new skills and the beginnings of a potentially great and rewarding career (she said proudly, reflecting on her own journey!). They provide employers with talented, enthusiastic and ambitious staff able to grow into and fulfil future resourcing needs.

The 10% levy contribution

The 10% contribution is, in my view, a relatively small price to pay for the benefits received. Not only this, there are national insurance benefits to employing Apprentices who are aged under 25. For example if you employ an Apprentice on £12,000 a year, employers will save over £500 a year in NI – so offsetting the employer cost of the Apprenticeship.