The apprenticeship levy, being introduced in May this year will affect all employers – especially those with a payroll over £3m. Maximising the positive impact of the levy requires careful workforce analysis and planning to ensure that the investment in skills matches the organisational strategy – creating the right skills base for your future aspirations.

There are many added bonuses that come from having a conversation about the levy. As a part of our 5-stage approach, we are working in partnership with organisations to gather and consolidate employee information – a job that has often been at the bottom of the HR priority list for several cycles. Doing this work collaboratively allows Interserve Learning & Employment to provide insight back to organisations that goes beyond the levy. This workforce analysis makes conversations about investing in apprenticeships and skills more productive and impactful. The top 5 added bonuses of levy analysis so far have included:

  1. Levy Spend: of course we can help navigate your levy liability and spending power. We’ll look at your payroll, the impact of cross border employees, NI savings, government top-up and co-funding, group company structures, incentives available and all other areas. We will help you join this up to an apprenticeship demand curve that will forecast learner volumes, outcomes and account balance/spend.
  2. Skills Gaps: our workforce analysis will help identify current and future skills gaps. This may provide the data you need to help inform longer term workforce planning. Do you have a cohort of specialists approaching retirement age? Is there a lack of mid-tier qualified project managers?
  3. Gender Pay Gap Reporting: from April 2017 firms will have to calculate gender pay gaps, and report on it from April 2018. Our analysis will provide a draft report for you that complies with the regulations.
  4. Pay banding analysis: while we are at it, we will provide a clear insight into any pay disparities that have arisen with similar job titles (maybe as a result of acquisition or for legacy reasons).
  5. Geographic heat maps: for larger organisations, it is important to know where all of this is happening, so we will provide geographic heat maps highlighting issues and opportunities for you to consider – in short arming you for future planning conversations.

So if ‘clean up and analyse employee information’ and ‘sort out approach to levy’ are on your 2017 annual plan, why not get in touch today and we can talk about helping you with workforce analysis? We would be happy to have a conversation with you at no charge.